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BYBLOS DELI 14220 NE 20th Street, BELLEVUE, WA

Mediterranean Grocery, Authentic Deli and Catering

Chef's Recommendations

Every Sunday: Fresh Kunafeh & Ka’ak

Delightful memories come alive when you bite into...

We Accept

Byblos Deli is accepts SNAP EBT cards (formerly...

Fresh Pita Bread 4 Times a Week

Fresh PBF Pita is delivered every Monday and...

Location and hours of operation

Mon-Fri 11am - 8pm Sat-Sun Saturday 11am - 8pm & Sunday 12pm - 5pm

Customer Testimonials

Baklava was heavenly

I went to Byblos looking for a few treats to serve at my book club meeting last night, as the book I’d chosen had a tie to the Mediterranean. The owner was so nice and so helpful, and I came away with some great treats and beverages to try, as well as the ingredients and instructions for a few easy things I could make myself. If I were planning a lunch or dinner, I’d definitely try the deli case, as the baklava was heavenly. They also have a lot of specialized cooking items, and a very tempting cookbook with beautiful photographs of recipes from different countries in the region. If you like to cook, and are looking for some new inspiration and ingredients, I think you’d enjoy this place. If you don’t like to cook, and just want to go to a great Mediterranean deli, I think you’d enjoy it, too.

-Terri A. in Kirkland, WA

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